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The Patriot

The Patriot - Trailer
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1 hr 10 min  |   Hebrew, Arabic, French   |  Canada, Israel | Daniel Sivan | 2016

On July 14th, 2014 Thierry Le Corre suffered a heart attack, sending him into a coma that would lead to his death. The coroner's report found his death the result of the extraordinary events of his last week alive, caused by the Zionist-Militant hacker Gregory Chelli, alias: Ulcan.

The rise and fall of Gregory Chelli takes us on a disturbing journey into the underground world of two rising forces in Europe; The French Anti-Semites and the Militant LDJ (Jewish Defense League) – two violent opposites of extreme nationalism.


The film follows Gregory from his early days in France, fighting a one man war against huge forces of Anti-Semitic leaders, Holocaust deniers and Neo-Nazi Rallies; through his fantastic rise to fame, as he became a local Robin Hood to the Jewish community in France, who call him “The Hacker Jew”.


As fame (and 60 charges in France) starts going to his head, he gets bored with his nemesis and Hacktivist methods and becomes more and more extreme. His hacks and pranks become ultra violent and his victims are no longer restricted to being anti-Semitic - Now all journalists, public figures and organizations who dare to criticize Israel or its foreign policy are his enemies and are on his “hit list”...


Gregory no longer hacks servers, he hacks lives - pranking the police and using them as pawns for arresting his victims in the middle of the night, creating near death experiences by the click of his keyboard.


When all hell breaks loose and blood is spilled - Gregory escapes to the one place that welcomes any Jew in need: Israel. Enjoying total impunity he keeps hacking while the French government demand his extradition for a 10 year sentence. Israel can't resist embracing it's biggest "Patriot" and Gregory recive sacntuary in the small town of Ashdod. While his French victims keep fighting for his arrest, Gregory becomes a local hero; a hacker, outlaw, fugitive and the star of his town…


“The Patriot” is a dark tale of extreme ideologies and twisted vengeance in the Cyber age. With complete cooperation from Gregory himself, all his victims and with an unbelievable video archive of all Ulcan’s illegal hacks, pranks and fan videos, the film portrays a very dark mirror of our age…

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