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Adrianne & the Castle


86 min | English | Canada | Shannon Walsh | 2023

Adrianne & the Castle is a fairy-tale documentary exploring grief and the creative power of love, through the astonishing story of Alan and Adrianne St-George and their hand- built castle in rural Illinois.

Alan and Adrianne St-George lived by the credo “Reality is for those who lack imagination” fuelling them to build a 62-room mansion in rural Illinois by hand, each room dedicated to their love. Alan executed Adrianne's elaborate designs; campy and ornate, each room contains hand-made sculptures, faux finishes and paintings depicting the couple. It was a monumental creative endeavour. “If architecture is frozen music,” said Alan, “in our house it’s like frozen opera.”

SXSW South by Southwest 2024, World Premiere

Hot Docs 2024

DOXA 2024, Opening film

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