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Inside Lehman Brothers

Trailer Inside Lehman Brothers
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1h 17min   |   English   |  France and Canada | Jennifer Deschamps | 2018

Inside Lehman Brothers is the autopsy of a crime, by those who attempted to prevent it, from the inside. Linda Weekes and her Californian colleagues, had a front row seat of the subprime mortgage crisis. Also, Matthew Lee, at headquarters, in New York, the first executive to have refused to approve the accounts tarnished by fraudulent transactions. At the time, no one bothered to listen to these whistle-blowers. 
In 2007 and 2008 other banks, lost in the same greed, were saved by the Fed. Lehman Brothers, as they still say on Wall Street had been «sacrificed». It was necessary to make an example, punish the «cowboys» of Lehman, a promise that it would not happen again. 
Today, the banks have regained their health, and, with it, their bad habits. Toxic assets, derived products. The labels have changed, the mechanisms remain, unlocked by Donald Trump, who hastens to destroy the flimsy safe guards erected by Barack Obama via the law of Dodd-Franck for market management. Worse, Donald Trump governs today with those who led the system to bankruptcy. Our characters' fight has not aged. Yet, still today, nobody hears them. 

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