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1h30min    |    English  |    Canada    |     Sturla Gunnarsson    |    2014

The Indian monsoon is no ordinary downpour.


From June to September, the monsoon accounts for 80 percent of India's annual rainfall and provides the main source of fresh water for millions of people.  As the storm cell gathers steam offshore, there is a ritual trepidation over the possible outcome: a robust monsoon could flood homes and cause death, but a weak monsoon could mean failed crops and the whole country dying of starvation.  


In the eternal debate of Man versus Nature, we have never been able to fully grasp this complex and chaotic phenomenon that covers whole continents and can disrupt global climate.


By capturing this amazing climatic phenomenon, MONSOON - the film - will deliver a whole new perspective on violent weather.


Using HD cinematography, our documentary will couple nature photography, CGI and the sparkle of human spirit to deliver an intoxicating portrait of the Indian monsoon.

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