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100% T-Shirt 

100% T-SHIRT Trailer - English Final
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100  T-SHIRT POSTER 24x36 good-page-001.jpg

1 hr 25 min  |   English  |  Canada, France  |  Kaveh Nabatian | 2014

We encounter it on a daily basis. Easy to produce, it is the most universal and basic piece of clothing. From Paris to Tokyo, including Ouagadougou, we all own at least one T-shirt: to sleep in, to run in, to work in, to express ourselves artistically, or to promote our political beliefs. The T-shirt has gone from undershirt to personal medium and creative outlet. Over 50 years, it has achieved a special status and is one of our best-selling pieces of clothing. How did the T-shirt enter the fashion world? If Marlon Brando seduced women around the world with his sweat-soaked T-shirt in A Streetcar Named Desire, it's James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause, who launched the white T-shirt as a fashion item. Since then, the T-shirt has continuously been modified, and each of its forms, be it torn, oversized, screenprinted or tie-dyed, reflects the evolution of our society. 

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