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Once Upon a Sea

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VR  |   Hebrew, Arabic, English   |  Canada, Israel |  Adi Lavy  |  2020

The Dead Sea has receded dramatically due to human intervention and political neglect, becoming the region's worst ecological crisis. The destruction is progressing, causing many political battles, as well as financial & personal distress to residents and individuals who have dedicated their lives to the Sea. Israelis, Jordanians, and Palestinians have been affected by the demise of the Dead Sea. If nothing will be done, the Dead Sea as we know it will be gone for good. Once Upon a Sea is our call to action. While exploring the moonlike landscapes, this web series allows you to meet 6 characters from various nationalities and backgrounds that give a better sense of the complexity and graveness of the situation. Some characters are holding onto nostalgic memories of their previous lives by the sea, some are advocating and trying hopelessly to preserve it through art, research and grassroots battles. Together,  these compelling stories create a diverse portrait of the Dead Sea, serving as a cautionary tale for years to follow.

The Dead Sea, one of the world’s greatest wonders, is dying. Through 360 and VR exploration of the site and encounters with local characters, the viewer will experience the Sea’s mesmerizing moon-like landscape, as well as the myriad of Ecological and Political Issues on its shores.

Once Upon a Sea is a 6 x 6 minutes long VR/360 character-driven interactive environmental, geopolitical documentary, introducing six compelling stories, interconnected with the sea’s demise. The project will be available on Android and iPhone VR Mobile apps as well as a tablet app, Oculus Rift and 360° Web view for the series.

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