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The Science of Success

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44 min     |    English    |    Canada | Australia    |    Annamaria Talas   |    2022

We'd like to believe that talent and hard work bring professional success, but these qualities only determine our performance. Success is something different. Scientists believe that success is a social phenomenon. How does society choose winners from losers, success from failure?  

If science is based on the premise that the natural world can be understood and even predicted, can it explain social phenomena, too? Can science unravel the secrets of success?

Until recently, we were looking in the wrong place to explain success.


As we began to daily leave our digital fingerprints behind, social and data scientists set about investigating this as a tool to study success. After three years of collecting data, scientists came up with something incredible: a mathematical formula that predicts success in the future.


THE SCIENCE OF SUCCESS reveals an exciting, new understanding of how society works and offers insights into how to achieve success. These discoveries will have profound implications for society as well —the outcome of elections, the products we buy, the choices we make — they are all determined by hidden principles. The game of success can be ruled by the most surprising details, like the moment of a person’s birth,  the place you are in, or the people you meet.

As hard as it might be to believe today, the Mona Lisa -the most valuable painting in the world- got her fame just by accident. But what would happen if her story had turned out differently?


Through THE SCIENCE OF SUCCESS learn the latest intriguing discoveries of the scientists; Professor Duncan Watts, Professor Simon Grondin, Professor Albert Barabasi, Dashun Wang and others, who raise many interesting questions about the reasons for the success of the world’s most famous stars, players, businesses, paintings,  as well as other industries, and offer the promise of a level playing field that hard work and talent will finally rise to the top.

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