Science of Success

We used to think that talent, hard work and luck mixed together in a magic proportion is what it takes to be successful. We feel injustice when for all our hard work someone else picks up the reward; a fleeting intuition that might explain why some soar while others fail. But until recently, We were looking in the wrong place to explain success. Now scientists studying massive data sets of human behaviour have discovered an extraordinary thing: success depends a lot less on ourselves. Success is a collective response to our performance. All those self-help books that tell you what to do are wrong because you have little to do with your own success. THE SCIENCE OF

SUCCESS reveals an exciting, new understanding of how society works and offers insights into how to achieve success. These discoveries will have profound implications for society as well — the outcome of elections, the products we buy, the choices we make — they are all determined by hidden principles. In the age of Big Data, where we can track achievements like a GPS tracks our movements, scientists identified the drivers of success. And even more astoundingly, they are able to predict it.