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Don't Worry, The Doors Will Open

Kyiv-Kozyatyn Trailer 2018 (1)
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1 hr 15 mins  |   Ukrainian  |  Canada | Oksana Karpovych | 2019

Shot over summer and winter seasons on elektrychkas, typical Soviet commuter trains that travel between the Ukrainian capital Kyiv and small provincial towns, DON’T WORRY, THE DOORS WILL OPEN invites us to share a ride with working class, mostly marginalized passengers and vendors. Following a number of people from one grimy wagon to another, from station to station, from day to night, we are immersed in the daily struggles of their lives in a post-Soviet country. DON’T WORRY is an atmospheric and intensely human portrait of Ukrainian society on the move.Filmed during a complicated time, the film is a look at the human condition and an intimate point of view on history of independent Ukraine as it is experienced by the common people. We do not see images of war in the film but feel its presence in the air penetrating our character’s minds and hearts. Today, the trains are worn out. The windows cannot open or close. The toilets don’t work. In winter, the seats are covered with frost. Once aboard the elektrychka, there is an omnipresent fear the vehicle will break apart. Despite the discomfort, the elektrychka is a space people love and trust because nothing can destroy this piece of Soviet iron.

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