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The Peace Piano

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90 min | English | Canada | Rupert Clague

He is “the Prophet of the Piano” - a man born in a Ukrainian refugee camp who has revolutionised the world of the piano. Playing 40 notes a second, 75 year old Lubomyr Melnyk conjures transcendental landscapes and imagistic visions. He is the world’s first - and possibly the last - Continuous pianist. 


The Peace Piano is an immersive cinematic journey into Lubomyr’s life, the transformative power of his music, and a stunning visual and auditory excursion into the mind of a maestro.

The film delves into Lubomyr’s artistic process, the development of Continuous music, his legacy, and his quest to return the peace of music to his Ukrainian homeland. Moreover, the film explores the transcendental effects of music emotionally, spiritually, and scientifically, while inviting audiences to experience its full power and potential for themselves. 

Lubomyr was to begin a long awaited homecoming tour of Ukraine in February 2022. The finale was to be a performance of a new composition in the Tunnel of Love, a stretch of railway reclaimed by trees, near the artist’s hometown in Klevan. Here, the Continuous Pianist would play the concert of a lifetime on a piano set in motion on rails. The same day the tour was scheduled to begin, Putin invaded Ukraine. Lubomyr still longs to return to his home country to perform at the Tunnel of Love, bringing the healing powers of his music to his people at a time they need it most.

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