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Game Fever

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1 hr 20 min |  English, Korean, Cantonese | Canada, France | Hervé Martin-Delpierre | 2016

Video games have become the number-one cultural industry in the world. In less than 10 years, gaming communities with hundreds of millions of members have been formed across the four continents. A new host of icons has emerged in this new world: these professional video game players have become superstars and fill stadiums wherever they appear, and their finals are followed by tens of millions of fans who dream of performing the same virtual exploits.


Game Fever retraces this cultural-revolution through the lives of two of its most illustrious heroes: Gogoing, 23 years old, is Chinese and a member of the most famous League of Legends team on the continent and one of the most feared in the world.  Moon, 28 years old, is Korean and has just retired after the greatest 12-year career of the first E-sport generation.


Gogoing is at the summit of his virtual glory that is however beautiful and real, Moon is on the verge of entering the real world that has always seemed so virtual.

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