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Stolen Time

Told with cinematic verve, STOLEN TIME is a suspense filled, character driven feature documentary about one woman’s efforts to blow the lid off the secretive, multi-billion dollar for-profit nursing home industry in Canada. Melissa Miller, a charismatic 38 year old elder rights lawyer, recently nominated Litigator of the Year, is embarking on her most daring case to date - a bold and precedent setting mass tort (class action) against three of Canada’s largest long term care home corporations. Melissa takes on “the impossible” on behalf of hundreds of grieving of family clients who have turned to her to help change the system. Like “David” Melissa and her “army of families” confront a powerful “Goliath” of corruption, neglect and impunity. A galvanizing behind the scenes look at a legal case and an emerging elder justice movement, STOLEN TIME is about the power of speaking out for those without a voice.

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