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Malls R Us

Trailer - Malls r us
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1 hr 25 min  |   English  |  Canada, France  | Helene Klodawsky  | 2009

What do Al Gore, the Tower of Babel, science fiction, gothic cathedrals, artichokes and roller coasters have in common? All come together in Malls R US, a feature documentary with a multiplex of reflections and revelations on one of North America's most popular institutions: the enclosed shopping center. Mixing nostalgia, architectural ambition, pop culture and politics, MALLS R US travels from North America, the mall's origins, to its most impressive newer hosts: Poland, Japan, India and Dubai. We also meet some of the world's most renowned contemporary retail architects and developers who explain how malls are the medium through which the 21st century will rebirth cities, inspire monument building, unite mankind and even help the planet grow green.

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