The Gig is Up (2021)

1 hr 30 mins  |   French  |  Canada, France | Shannon Walsh

The Gig is Up is the story of how Artificial Intelligence and its algorithms are changing our economy : the way we  access  services and goods.  The way we use them, the way we work and the  way we are paid for providing those services and goods.

The key to dominating the 20th century economy was to own the means of production. The secret of our own times is to create the means of connection. ‬

Airbnb, Task Rabbit, UBER are all part of what’s called the platform economy.

We’ll meet those who designed this space, but also the workers, and the users. And in the end, our film will ask: what are the alternatives to this new platform economy where traditional rules and contracts have gone by the wayside.

On the creator side we will meet people like Garret Camp, one of the co-founders of UBER.

We have all encountered the workers of this new economy: UBER drivers in the US. And, we will also meet GRAB drivers, an other ride-hailing app, which swallowed UBER in Indonesia.

We will also meet Turkers, those who compete for “HITs”, Human Intelligence Tasks, on Amazon Mechanical Turk. ‬

This is called the new precariat.

And, there are the users: you and me.

The new contract linking user to worker are the Terms of Use. There doesn’t seem to be a need for a Work Contract anymore. Neither the worker nor the user decides those terms of use. They are written by the platform, the one who catches most of  the economic use value in the system.

At the end, The Gig is Up asks the question: will the platform economy lead to more competition or cooperation?