7 Beats per Minute

1 hr 20 mins  |  English, Chinese   |  Canada | Yuqi Kang

As the vast blue ocean surface opens the film, from far below we look up through the calmness

where sunbeams shine through. A feminine figure dives in. She tells us that freediving has

existed for centuries.

Jessea Lu’s story begins three years ago as she floats on the ocean’s surface at Dean’s Blue Hole,

Bahamas. She’s been invited to the world’s top freediving competition. She takes several long

exhales, one long inhale, then dives into the water. Her intent is to freedive 93 meters to break

the current world record. As she glides down into this deep-sea world hundreds of feet below

sea level, her organs compress, the light around her disappears. Today, Jesseau is determined to

try this again.